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This game was sick and something different, I really enjoyed it! (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested!)

When will the next chapter be out? I must have more Andy! 10/10 

Andy needs new frieds, and he needs to check his barn every now and then, need to make sure creeps aren't in there

this game is the best 

Does anyone know when chapter 2 is coming out??????????

No it didnt show date


Kinda interesting, feel like it could've been something really cool, but it didn't really do anything new or meaningful. It really gave me the vibe of a haunted game but that doesn't really hold any meaning when it never really fully explores that. We get a few spooky distorted faces here and there. Hope the second chapter goes well, though.

it has lore

Not interested in digging up stories by scrap like some bootleg matpat at home

Very creepy! Can't wait for more!

creepy AND cute too. especially this photo




How do I Download from Mobile?

it only has windows platform

Kinda good but the subtitles were slow







can anyone tell me if this game is fullscreen or if i can turn off fullscreen if it is

WE NEED A MAC VERSION PLS I really wanna play this game so yeah can you make a Mac download<--- do a Mac version and this will be you POG

fr though

how do i play the game? ive extracted all the files but the game wont run.. is there something im missing?

did you extract the files

Show post...

Bruh the final minigame of The fruits that oe gives me Geebie  Jeegies and i noticed that it says 12/24/92 so that means 12 of Decmber of 1892

is it supposed to crash my chromebook? (i use Linux) it showed a blue screen when i clicked on file 2 and i was stuck there for a while

its not a crash, this happen because file 2 its chapter 2 (obviously lol) so when you click it appears a fake blue screen with human andy at the side (if you don't see just light the image or see by up the chromebook)

oh ok thanks dude

i never saw Tomas cuz my brightness is so low 

Deleted 336 days ago

i have Mr Tomato game

no one cares dude

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are you talking about this


the Christmas update was out last year or longe


I actually got scared as my computer showed me the error screen after I tried to open the already existent game file lol

dont forget about last years holiday special! 

I'm too scared to play the game. But, I wonder if anyone can make a Data.WIN file to add the game data and the Cheats. By pressing TAB like Baldi's basics had an Assembly-CSharp.dll file that got edited and had cheats in it when replaced with another Assembly-CSharp.dll But with cheats in it. Because we can find more lore with the cheats.

I love this update !

This Doesint take over my pc like catto boi right?

don't worry it's an arg game. It's just a game, bud :)

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@My Art Is Lol omg why are you acting like you are training a dragon

this is not httyd

Is this the same game like on Steam?

This game is free on and with 3$ on Steam, bruh

It's probably because the version will only ever have chapter 1 while the steam one will get chapter 2 and onward.

what happened to all your games?

what happened to all your games?

Oh, pkbue2345545, i removed all my games and released them on my page:

There is 17 games to play (2 new games + 2 removed games return)

more more more!!! 

i like how this game jumpscared m

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is this a virus

people say no but reply NO if it's not a virus or YES if it's a virus


NO ANDY'S APPLE FARM not virus please game!

DON'T WORRY!! i've already played it


RIP fellow Chromebook gang :(

I saw the Halloween Version and downloaded it IMMEDIATELY!!! Great game, the Margaret jumpscare

got me bad 

wait isn't he an apple having an apple farm?

creating other apples?
I'm confused

he's respecting his own species by simply planting them. that doesn't stop his friends from eating apples though. However, Andy does avoid being cannibalistic (evidence: when Andy doesn't respond to Claus saying "Care for an apple?")

I loved this Halloween update! Somehow made it just that much more creepy!

Great Game!!!

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