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This game is free on and with 3$ on Steam, bruh

more more more!!! 

i like how this game jumpscared m

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is this a virus

people say no but reply NO if it's not a virus or YES if it's a virus


NO ANDY'S APPLE FARM not virus please game!

RIP fellow Chromebook gang :(

I saw the Halloween Version and downloaded it IMMEDIATELY!!! Great game, the Margaret jumpscare

got me bad 

wait isn't he an apple having an apple farm?

creating other apples?
I'm confused

I loved this Halloween update! Somehow made it just that much more creepy!

Great Game!!!

This is such a great game, I love every aspect of this! The atmosphere was really well done and the scares always caught me off guard haha! The only criticism I got about this, was that it's always kind of laggy every time I would enter a dialogue scene or when I'm walking. Though, of course, I don't know if it was a stylistic choice or if my laptop was lagging :b Stil, great game tho! Looking forward for chapter 2! :)

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I've seen and (I think I've) cracked the new code on the screen: 

Dzimrmt, gsrh tznv xlmgzrmh xlmgvmg gszg hlnv kozbvih nzb urmw wvvkob wrhgfiyrmt, hzw, li sliirubrmt. Ru blf ziv hvmhrgrev gl wzip hfyqvxg nzggvi li hxzib rnztvib, R hfttvhg blf wlm'g kilxvvw zmb ufigsvi.

I used a subsitution cipher to deciper it and it says the following:


It's a content warning of sorts I believe, and from a lore perspective probably has no meaning. It may be from Thomas Eastwood's brother (Isabella's Uncle) however I doubt it, and I think it's a fun code/easter egg for this itchio page. 

what does this mean:Dzimrmt, gsrh tznv xlmgzrmh xlmgvmg gszg hlnv kozbvih nzb urmw wvvkob wrhgfiyrmt, hzw, li sliirubrmt. Ru blf ziv hvmhrgrev gl wzip hfyqvxg nzggvi li hxzib rnztvib, R hfttvhg blf wlm'g kilxvvw zmb ufigsvi.

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Just in the end the screen went completely black, i could hear everything happening but didn't see anything. 

The game was very buggy for some reason, i opened it again before the problem below happened, and now i was stuck in the barn because the stairs of the red floor didn't work.

I'm an avid fan of horror stuff and this game was a blast!

Yo this game is so fun  I hope you liked it to me and my friend put a lot of work into the game plz follow him

i shit my pants playing andy's


Amazing game! Can't wait for chapter 2!

super fun. I liked it a lot!

I have So many questions and I wonder how many secrets there are and I’m sure I missed some secrets or hidden things but regardless the game is actually pretty good and cool Andy’s apple farm is 10/10 for me I would recommend I played it and made a video on it I appreciate the support keep up the good work 



I work in a translation team (Portuguese translations), and we would like to contact you if you would like to partner and have a translation. Thank you for your time if you happen to read this.

The Aozora team.

really liked it! Wanted to keep playing

cool game

This game sent chills down my spine with the distorted imagery! Loved this game a lot!


The beauty of this game is that it in not focused on short term fear but rather a long term one with it's complicated and violent lore. The monster is not really a monster it is rather a trauma of the unfortunate family and a history of their horrors. The fact that you are a beta tester of this game is a perfect cover up of the real story. This is also a game with a unique gameplay a mechanics that seem so innocent but so terrifying. Voice acting is on next level and the graphics blend in so well with the "glitches". The team did such a good job. I am really looking forward for chapter 2 and I know you won't disappoint. Good luck and good job.


This game... I am still haunted by it, I never know when I'll wake up and boot up my pc and Andy and his friends are there trying to kill me through the screen for failing the fnf game


This is a 2D cartoonish horror game, but it is very creepy and disturbing. This is why this game is soooo gooood! I've enjoyed playing it and I had fun discovering all secrets of this game.

this game was so different from any other game ive

played before like i dont even know how to made such a good game man keep it up M36games cant wait for your future games to come out!!!

I have also made a vid on my YouTube channel come check it out

Such a good game. My son and I loved playing it. Can't wait for more.

I know I'm late to it, but this game was SO GOOD! The pixel horror was done so well with a nice blend of analog horror-ish involved as well! Was also awesome to hear my buddy Zach in it too!

this is actually one of my favorites to watch

i kinda have a rule that i only play web games but it looks so cool! my favorite character is Felix, by the way :)

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Why your game like this video?

Holy, the best game I have played in a while. Cool backstory, cool demo vibe, cool concept. The characters are also very memorable, congratulations! Made a spanish gameplay of this one, hope you like it!

can you release a HTML Version playable on Itch ?

A truly amazing and well crafted game was a joy to play and see the crazy story unfold

unforunately. no Mac version

i wanna windowed version
and i wonder what is the game engine used is in this game?

This game was way more creepy than I expected. Some funny characters and dialogue as well. Loved it! 

This was a terrific game and I look forward to Chapter 2. Any chance of getting some LGBTQ+ characters? I'd love to see some trans representation.

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