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took me on a ride I was def not expecting, incredible job 


Mac version?

This game is amazing. The lay-out of Andy's Apple Farm is very well done.

This is amazing! And i don’t know why but the creature in the end looks like a backrooms smiler.

You just made me realize that! Now I cant stop thinking about it that way!

It seem super cool! Nice Game! BUT, it wouldn't work for me :(. I opened the game and it kept repeating what Andy welcoming the player to his apple farm and explaining controls barely changing text and then stopping. But other than that cool character, Andy looked awesome

Just uploaded this game. This game is incredible. Had so much fun with the unexpectedness of it. Check it out if you're looking into it. You wont be disappointed! Thanks for the awesome game creator!

Here is my video if you are interested in watching

"andy you want a apple?"

this game is pretty interesting so far, love the characters, andy is sooooo cute 

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Great game, clever concept, and interesting visuals. Voice acting needed work though

Had a lot of fun playing this with my friend! Absolutely love the simplicity, yet sinister undertone at even the most chill of moments.

this game is pretty spooky and has some great lore!

This game gave me goosebumps, very good horror game

This game is scary AF!

This was one the most nerve racking games I've played in a while! Can't wait for the next update!

so here is me covering the christmas special didnt realise it was essentially a dlc, but i was so happy because this was brilliant and added so much more lore on top of the tons alreadt given by the base game love this series its brilliant would really love to know though is there will be a chapter 2 of this game or if chapter 2 was rabbit knight, gameplay above including all secrets if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button guys! 

this took 3 hours to upload and render so please do enjoy

Thank you for the opportunity to beta test this amazingly unexpected game. I had a blast! 

It's so much fun, if you want to see the parsing, take a look at the game commentary of bilibili 孤独音符. Link:


there's this problem where if you chose high qiuality graphics

the game runs very slowly can you fix it


bro high qual grahics aren't high qual its a joke

ok so there's no glitch at al

One of the best VHS games I've ever played.

Now I don't know what happened, I don't know why it happened. All I know is I hated and loved this game at the same time...

Nice game.İ like it

I dont think this is a game anymore O_o




I wanna hate this game but I love it at the same time. It looks like it’s supposed to be for kids but it’s not at all for kids. I enjoyed being entertained by this game! 

thats scary

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the exclamation point at the end of "uncover" is the link to a youtube channel

also if you go to the video about melody's second song then there's some morse code that translates to "HELP ME, I WANT TO HELP THEM, I WANT TO SAVE THEM.THEY'RE CRYING FOR HELP."

theres something in the tags too, it reads "#are #you #reading #this #if #you #are #you #need #to #know #this #game #has #hidden #secrets #underneath #hidden #passageways #this #game #is #not #what #it #seems"

Love the game

when is the new update the like- carnival or- ye u know

Is there a way to make a android version? 

I saw alot of people play it

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I like the creepiness of this game.


I keep running into a problem late in the game (spoilers)

after the maze where the pumpkin dude catches you and there's that scene with the giant creepy black face, the game just goes black, there is still some sound but nothing happens after that happens, unless this is the end of the game and I beat it or something?

Really enjoyed the concept of this game! Keep it up guys! If anyone is interested, here's my play through:

довольно интересно

Great artwork. I like the game atmosphere, thanks for the game

cyper is- warning this game contains content that some players may find deeply disturbing sad or horrifying if you are sensitive to dark subject matter or scary imagery i suggest you don t proceed any further

What kind of cipher was it?

It was an Atbash Cipher

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