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I really liked this one! The art style is wonderful. However, trying to do the secret ending is difficult due to the fact that you do not have a savestate. If you die, you need to start the game over. 

This wouldn't be an issue otherwise, but it takes 5 minutes to get back to a specific secret. It starts to feel frustrating to spend so much time just to try again, especially in a game where you get taken to the beginning of a stage if you die.

Otherwise yes, game! Play it.

oh nooo this is a part of an RNG

Hey I didn't even know who made this game before I played it, thanks for making it. I died a bunch but I beat it eventually LOL. I gotta play this more to find all the secrets tho. Check out my death compilation here 

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bad platforming, bad combat (because of bad hitboxes) and inconsistent artstyle combine in one bad game experience
however i am a fan of andy's apple farm and more lore (+ creepy points) you added in this game

i loved it and i still don't know what's happening! how do you get the other ending?!

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This game feels unique and the art style is simple but cute. Thought platformer games aren’t for me. I didn’t like the key bindings cause it took me a while to memorize which ones did what. Also I fell and I died a few times I’m just bad at these types of games. Had fun killing mushrooms nonetheless.

What can I say I love the game. If I ignore the creepiness of the game which I'm not saying is bad, but gives me nightmares instead 🤣 this adds to the lore of Andy's Apple Farm. I do hope it's a connection because it does seem a little random that pumpkin was there. But for a classic retro feel I enjoy the game , I love the music and I had super fun playing the game and unlocking which I hope all the secrets . Great job on this game I love retro games .

This game is just a way to delay Chapter 2 even further

Also, how would the Eastwoods be in a game in one game but then get moved to another game

Point: non-canon game

Well it might be canon.

The game might be hiding lore.


Can't really say anything about the scariness because I can't even get past the normal fight dew to the sliding and how you instantly die when you fall in the water. 

I cant play cuz I cant figure out these damn controls :(

i liked this retro style game, but i wish you would add an option to disable the crt shader and screen shake. i get why you did it and i know alot of people like that stuff. but for those of us that don't like it....

Fun game with awesome NES music!


Only accept PayPal?

this is honestly hard I think you should add a mode like easy - hard - impossible and maybe the player can unlock more easter eggs depending on the mode?

Your game is very cool

I really appreciate the screen shake on attack, like the whole TV is twitching a little.





I enjoyed this. I was able to get 3 endings. I suspect there are more. 


interesting, btw how to play


This was such a well made game, Shout out to the dev!


Just completed the game with no damage and killing all the enemies! Check it out here - (no commentary) I love this game!

Rabbit Knight All Known Secrets

I LOVED playing this! I think I got all of the secrets, but I definitely want to keep searching! I hadn’t played Andy’s Apple Farm yet, but some of the secrets held in this game convinced me that I have to now to get more of the lore. It was a lot of fun once I got used to the controls (I kept hitting the up button instead of Z to jump). It'd be nice if you could skip sections since I wanted to get to *that one screen* but had to play through other gameplay first MANY times. I played this game A LOT. There was one (actual?) bug I found: sometimes when you jump a certain way onto a platform you can get stuck and have to restart the app. It did take me a long time to get this far, but overall a really interesting and fun (scary) experience!


Awesome game! Really enjoyed

Good game. I’m bad at platformers. Can’t wait for AAF to return!

Really cool game! I defeated the boss after the second try. Well done!

Some feedback about the rabbit's attacks:

  • The rabbit could have some air attack with the sword. In many situations that would have been very convenient.
  • The sword "dive" attack, could be activated and kept on after just pressing the down key once, instead of the need to keep holding it.

That's it. Keep the good work.

this game is brilliant! honestly i got infixed in this for about 3 hours trying to solve everything, my only request would be to put a level select in there when each level has been completed it was a bitch doing the peter stage because every time id die id go back to the beginning, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button guys!

fucking amazing but this is making me wanna play it seriously next time for now casual fast finding secrets ect.

I would have bought this back in the day. Very fun and great looking platformer. Keep up the great work! 

from the gameplays the game looks amazing, but I am a bit upset that rabbit knight didn't have the options to change the graphics like andy's apple farm, the game was very laggy because of the big details and that made me not play, except that the game is great!


Loved the gameplay style and music! Can't wait for chapter 2, had a lot of fun looking for secrets in this!



DIED ANDY'S APPLE FARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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