Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a happy New Year to all of you. As a little Christmas gift from me to you, Andy's Christmas Special is available today for free on and! Thank you all so much for the support on the game and stay tuned for more updates. As after I'm done with my Christmas Break I'll be back at it working on Chapter 2! :)


Andy's Apple Farm Christmas 169 MB
Dec 25, 2021

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Yeahh This game gave me the creeps!! Game Starts at 9:08

okay but i already have it on steam

was it released after steam???


I missed this on the 25th so I just got second christmas! Merry Christmas and Thank yoU!!

Full Play No Commentary 


Thank you so much to upload here too!

I bought the steam one too!


I absolutely loved the original Andys Apple Farm so when I saw that there was Christmas DLC I had to make a video!!! Hope you all enjoy the video! The dev does horror better than any dev i have ever seen and I'm obsessed with Andys Apple Farm, even though it creeps me out so much! ENJOY and merry Christmas to all of you lovely people xo